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ALIGNERCO, The Best Invisible Aligners Treatment

ALINGERCO prides itself on providing the most reasonably priced custom-made invisible aligners for teeth straightening in the United States. ALIGNERCO, the clear alternative to braces, is delivered right to your door. We are committed to the idea that everyone should be able to find happiness in their own smile. That’s why we’ve reduced the time and cost of getting your teeth straightened, whitened, and cleaned. We guarantee the lowest price on the market for invisible braces, 65% cheaper than traditional braces and other brands.

ALIGNERCO, The Best Invisible Aligners Treatment

Gapped teeth

If you have a gap in your smile caused by a separation of two or more teeth, you suffer from a spacing problem. Problems arise when food becomes lodged in the extra area between teeth and gums, leading to discomfort and gum disease. ALIGNERCO can fix your crooked teeth for a more attractive and healthy smile in just 6-8 months. When used to close spaces between teeth, invisible aligners can save patients a trip to the dentist’s office. Invisible aligners do not require the use of bands to pull the teeth closer. After treatment with ALIGNERCO invisible aligners, patients are instructed to use retainers to keep their teeth in their new, straightened positions.

Crowded Teeth

When there is not enough room in the jaw to accommodate all of your teeth, they can overlap and twist. This is known as crowding. The reduced space between teeth allows food to become stuck and tartar and plaque to build up, which may contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. Can ALIGNERCO fix crowding? ALIGNERCO invisible aligners can fix crowded teeth, and it is the best option to correct the alignment of teeth. If it is not treated early, it can affect your overall health.


An overbite occurs when the upper teeth and jaw overlap the lower teeth and jaw, which can make it difficult to chew and bite certain foods. Early orthodontic treatment is recommended for overbite, as they can make teeth cleaning challenging and increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Living with regular headaches, migraines, and jaw pain can impact everyday life, and for some patients, these health problems improve as soon as invisible aligners start moving the jaw into place.

ALIGNERCO's invisible aligners are an effective option for fixing overbite, but the severity of the case will determine if treatment is possible. If our team of experts approves your case, ALIGNERCO's invisible aligners can fix some types of overbite in just a few months if worn according to instructions.

Cross Bite

Crossbite is a type of malocclusion where the upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth. This misalignment can cause teeth to chip, wear down, and even cause gums to recede. Crossbite can affect a single tooth or groups of teeth, involving the front teeth, back teeth, or both. If left untreated, crossbite can result:

  • In a shifting jaw
  • Lopsided jaw growth
  • Wear down the outer layer of the tooth called "enamel."

ALIGNERCO's invisible aligners can fix some types of crossbite, but the severity of the case will determine if treatment is possible. To learn more about our treatment options, take our assessment test or contact our customer care for more information.

Under Bite

An underbite is a condition where the lower teeth protrude in front of the upper teeth, which can accelerate tooth wear and create difficulties with speech. This condition is classified as a Class III malocclusion and can be caused by a misaligned jaw. In milder cases, external signs may not be noticeable, but in extreme situations, the jaw might stick out so much that it's obvious to onlookers.

ALIGNERCO's invisible aligners can treat some types of underbite by moving the lower teeth back so that they naturally sit behind the upper front teeth. However, the severity of the case will determine if treatment is possible. Our team of experts can evaluate your case and provide detailed feedback on your treatment options.

You Win with ALIGNERCO Prices

ALIGNERCO offers significant savings compared to our competitors, without compromising on the quality of our invisible aligners or our commitment to your complete satisfaction. We understand that everyone's budget is different, which is why we offer various payment options to suit your needs.

Our cutting-edge technology, including specialized software and mechanical systems, allows us to construct our invisible aligners with precision and accuracy. In fact, our aligners have been granted an international patent for their unique design and functionality. To ensure your safety, our aligners are made with BPA-free material.

Why ALIGNERCO, Invisible Aligners are Better

24/7 Dental Support Network

We are accessible to our clients with 24/7 customer service. Our experts review and approve each treatment plan before starting your journey to ensure you’re a great candidate for clear aligners. Our professionals will monitor your treatment remotely as you share your progress pictures. Feel free to send us an email at or contact us here

Best Invisible Aligners Prices on the Market

ALIGNERCO provides treatments that offer more & cost less than traditional options and other aligner brands. We offer various payment options to fit your budget. Our day and night clear aligners come with two payment options, plus you can pay over time. So buy now and pay later.


ALIGNERCO values your money and time, which is why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If our experts determine that our aligners are not suitable for you, we will refund you in full. So there's no need to hesitate before reaching out to us – we're committed to ensuring your satisfaction!

Comfort and Discretion

ALIGNERCO offers a comfortable and discreet orthodontic treatment with minimal irritation to the cheeks, lips, and gums, thanks to our cutting-edge technology that eliminates the need for brackets and wires commonly seen in metal braces. Our invisible aligners are virtually invisible, allowing you to straighten your teeth without unsightly braces, and giving you the confidence to smile and live life to the fullest

No Need for Dietary Changes

With invisible aligners, you can eat all foods you love, from sticky candy to biting right into an apple; you can eat it all! Before you eat, simply remove your aligners and enjoy your meal. Make sure to always brush your teeth before putting your aligners back on, to maintain good oral hygiene.

Better Oral Hygiene

Maintaining dental hygiene with invisible aligners requires less specialized instruments and a speedier process. Cleaning invisible aligners with tap water and brushing them with a soft toothbrush can help eliminate food particles. Water also aids in the reduction of acidity, which can lead to tooth decay. Cleaning braces, on the other hand, might be challenging. In addition to brushing and cleaning your braces, you must keep food and debris from being lodged between your teeth, wires, and brackets to avoid cavities and plaque.

Your dental hygiene and lifestyle are important when considering braces or aligners for misaligned teeth. To make an informed decision, assess the advantages and disadvantages of each type of treatment