Malocclusion of teeth

Many Causes but one Solution, ALIGNERCO.

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What Causes Misaligned Teeth?

Malocclusion is dental misalignment. This word includes crooked, overcrowded, gapped, underbite, and overbite. Misaligned teeth are usually seen when permanent teeth come in, although they can also be caused by injury or poor oral health. Misaligned teeth are caused by:

Perfect Age for Treatment.

Young children require a few years for their jawbones to grow and form their adult teeth before they can start losing their baby teeth. Most kids start their orthodontic journey after the age of 11. Adults, however, can begin an orthodontic treatment whenever they choose. Although it’s possible that adult teeth won’t shift as quickly as teen teeth, increasing the duration of the treatment.

Clear Aligners are effective in the same way for people of all ages. Clear Aligners work by exerting force on the teeth to nudge them into place. The pressure applied to the teeth and gums causes bone remodeling below, so your new, improved smile should last long after treatment is done.

Anyone, regardless of age, can benefit from Alignero. As long as all the permanent teeth are around, you are a candidate for our treatment.

What Can Clear Aligners by ALIGNERCO Do for You?

AlignerCo clear aligners are the answer to dental misalignment and better appearance. All of the misalignments may have an influence on the patient’s ability to speak, chew, or even breathe through their mouth.


It is our mission to make misaligned teeth a thing of the past. ALIGNERCO has developed cutting-edge technology for straightening teeth with clear aligners. Straightening teeth with clear aligners is what we do best, and we do it better than anybody else in the United States, since we sell directly to customers. Compared to traditional metal braces, our aligners provide several advantages, including being more discreet and comfortable. Straightening your teeth at home has never been easier than with our clear aligners. Our aligners are affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

What Can Clear Aligners by ALIGNERCO Do for You?

Clear aligners move teeth gradually into place. As your teeth shift, the aligners are replaced with a new set. Our tailored therapy takes 8-12 months, depending on your customized treatment.

To begin your teeth straightening process, you’ll receive an impression kit with detailed instructions. Teeth straightening kits allow you to begin the orthodontic treatment process from the comfort of your home. Take your dental impression at home for just €49.99 (limited time offer) and send them back to us to determine if you are a suitable candidate. Note: If you pay upfront for the treatment, you will get an impression kit included at no extra cost.

Our dental experts will review your case and make sure you’re a good candidate for treatment and then will create a customized aligners treatment plan designed just for your smile. We will provide a 3D Treatment Preview of what your straight teeth will look like at every step of the way. You'll have a chance to approve and ask for modification in the proposed plan before we start custom-making your invisible braces. Whether it's 22 hours per day or just 10 straight hours at night, pick a wear schedule that suits you and your lifestyle.

We’ll create your custom aligners and ship them to you within 12 to 14 business days. Throughout your aligner treatment, a dental care assistant will be assigned to you to address any questions or concerns under the supervision of your consulting dental expert. Now you can relax and watch as your new flawless smile appears thanks to our aligners.

Why Choose ALIGNERCO for Your Clear Aligners?

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