How Transparent Are Invisible Aligners?

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Invisible aligners up close

If you’ve ever wondered how ‘clear’ invisible dental braces are, the short answer is: crystal clear. However, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Not all clear braces are made alike, and how care for them matters too. Here’s what you need to know:

Barely Noticeable

Made from high grade BPA free, clear plastic ALIGNERCO braces are designed for discretion. Most of the time, it is hard to tell if you are wearing any invisible braces at all. Nobody will know until you tell them or they examine closely, like a dentist would. After the first few days, even you forget you have any clear braces on.

Reality Check

While invisible braces are way less noticeable than metal braces, their transparency may not be absolute in all cases. Some factors that might impact the visibility of your clear aligners are:

  • Material Used

    The quality of plastic as well as pigment used to stain it may vary from brand to brand.

  • The Fit

    If your aligners are not designed with precision to fit your teeth, they may not appear as invisible as you expected.

  • Teeth Alignment

    Clear braces may not be totally invisible on severely misaligned teeth in the first few months.

  • Care

    If you drink coffee or fizzy drinks with aligners on, this might stain them, losing their transparency. Always take your aligners off before food and drinks other than water.

Beyond aesthetics:

We have to admit, the ‘clear’ factor is a major selling point and the reason behind the rising popularity of ALIGNERCO invisible braces but they offer so much more, here’s a list.

Better Comfort

We understand that pain thresholds can differ depending on the type of malocclusion case you have.

ALIGNERCO Clear Aligners offer a notable more comfortable alternative to traditional metal or ceramic braces. Clear braces come without wires and hence no manual adjustments are needed by dentists which has been a cause of pain and discomfort in traditional teeth straightening options.

Better Convenience

With our at-home clear dental braces, you will say goodbye to frequent dental visits and waiting times. You can conveniently order custom clear aligners from the comfort of your house.

Better Price:

When compared to traditional metal or ceramic braces, clear aligners can be up to 70 % less costly. There are also no clinic fees involved, and if you count time as money, you save a lot by avoiding trips to the orthodontist as well.

Better Option:

Clear braces need to be taken off before meals and drinks, other than water. This helps retain their ultra precise shape and keep them stain free. However if you find this hinders your lifestyle or preferences, we have another option: The Night-Only Invisible braces plan. These are worn only during night, and help straighten your teeth in the comfort of your bed.

Are you a right fit for clear aligners? Get your free smile assessment today.

A Complete Plan

With any of our smile correction plans, you receive an impression kit, set of aligners and most importantly, a set of retainers to retain the place of your newly aligned teeth when you are done with the treatment. We offer our customers robust customer support at every stage of their teeth alignment journey.

Oh and we’re trusted by tens of thousands throughout the world. Wondering where to take the first step ?

Order your clear aligners complete plan

To conclude, it is important to maintain your night guard for better oral hygiene and longevity of the product. By following the cleaning patterns mentioned in this guide, you can ensure the maintenance of your night guard and protect your teeth in the best way.


1. How do I know my case can be treated with clear braces?

Take a free assessment or get in touch with our customer support.

2. How long will the treatment take?

Depending on your plan and severity of case, your time duration may range from 4 to 8 months. We provide clear schedules to all our clients.

3. Will my clear braces stain?

No. ALIGNERCO clear braces are taken off while eating and drinking anything other than water. This protects against any staining.