Clear Aligner Maintenance: Keeping Your Aligners Clean

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Cleaning your aligners is an important part of treatment, but maintaining them in good condition requires more. Lack of maintenance for your aligners can lead to many issues, including discoloration, odor, and dental health. In this blog post, we’ll examine some tips on how to take good care of your aligners so that we can prevent these issues.

Tips for Maintaining your Clear Aligners

You may be risking your dental health or corrective treatment without realizing it, if you don't clean your aligners regularly. Here is a list of things you can do to always keep your aligners clean.

  • Use Clear- Rinsing Cleanser

    Clear aligners are typically worn for almost a full day, it's critical to give them a thorough cleaning whenever you take them out of your mouth. Use a clear, odorless antibacterial cleanser to thoroughly wash and rinse away any bacteria. This prevents bacteria buildup that could damage your teeth and keeps your aligners from discoloring.

  • Store your Aligners Properly

    Keep your clear aligners out of the weather. Aligners should be kept in their carrying case while not in use. This keeps them from breaking and stops bacteria from growing on them.

  • Clean your Clear Aligners and Brush your Teeth in the Morning

    When you get up in the morning, you should clean your clear aligners and brush your teeth. By doing this, you can avoid bad breath and maintain clean teeth and trays by getting rid of germs and plaque that can accumulate while you sleep.

  • Do not Wear your Aligners When Eating or Drinking

    Clear aligners are simple to remember to take out before meals, but it's advisable to take them out when you're drinking as well! Soft drinks, coffee, and green tea are examples of beverages that could discolor your aligners due to natural chemicals or color additives. The only consumable that can contact your aligners without harming them or causing discoloration is water.

  • Avoid using Toothpaste on Aligners

    Do not use toothpaste as an alternative for aligner cleansers. Abrasives are found in almost all toothpastes to help remove stains and plaque. However, these abrasives have the potential to leave scratches on the clear aligner trays. In addition to discoloring your aligners, these scratches may contain bacteria that cause gum disease or foul breath.

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In the end, following these tips to maintain your clear aligners in place can help you achieve the smile you desire. By implementing these simple daily routines, you may ensure that your clear aligners stay comfortable, clear, and effective throughout your orthodontic journey.


1. How often should I clean my clear aligners?

It is recommended that you clean your clear aligners once a day, ideally directly after meals and snacks. This stops germs and plaque from building up, keeping your aligners fresh and clean.

2. How should I store my clear aligners when not in use?

Place your clear aligners in their case to keep them secure from damage and to prevent losing them when not in use.